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Systems for self service vehicles

TRACETEL has adapted RFID technology in other areas of application. Bicycles are a notable example, for whom trustworthy and innovative systems of identification have been developed. Hence the implementation of a full range of street fittings:

Heavy self service bicycles system : ARKOVELO

Highly secure fleets of self service bicycles in the town centre.

Credentials: Orleans, Luxembourg, Rennes, Bordeaux, Montelimar, Pau, and Laval.

Light system of self service bicycles

Light system for industrial parks, internal services for large companies, etc

Credentials: Lille (DECATHLON)

Bicycle docking points system: VELOSUR

To be located at stations, strategic places, etc

Credentials: Lille

Innovative bicycle solutions

An integrated application with other services (car sharing, local life etc.)

Implementation of a combined project : WiFi + HotCity + local authorities + self service bicycles for cross-border commuter traffic : Belgian, French, German

Implementation by the job-seekers’ agency ‘Pôle Emploi.’

Two solutions for the fastening point (patented)

  • Fastening the bicycle by the steering column, thus securing the bicycles inside the shelter. This solution does not require any civil engineering work.
  • The locking of the bicycle by a fastening point on the frame of the bicycle. This is a solution that verges on a heavy system.
Système léger

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