Tracetel Systems Integrator

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Charging systems for electric vehicles

PODELEC is able to offer the user a network of roadside charging stations, thus insuring the constant availability of his vehicle.

PODELEC also proposes to deliver a power supply to marinas, camp sites, and other communal installations.

Systems for the new personal-transportation sector

Creator of complete solutions in the new personal-transportation sector, Tracetel manages the radio frequency tracking systems and in-car computing for fleets of self service vehicles, allowing shared access for users.

The functions carried out by the charging terminals are:

  • Service management / self testing / acquisition of positions of locking contactors;
  • Electronic financial transactions through the identification of the user and/or his vehicle;
  • Calculation of energy consumed, and debiting from the individual subscriber’s account from the user’s supplier;
  • Management of vehicle recharging (hours, quantity, condition etc)
  • Management of correct working order, and alarms feedback;
  • Communication with supervision platform on duty.


  • Compliance with the European standards ;
  • Compliance with French standards (NF) C15 100 from APAVE (French security controller.)
  • Compliance with CDC EEI by EDF (Electricité de France) (02/10)
  • French standards (NF) EN 61 851: Electric vehicle conductive charging system
  • French standards (NF) EN 62 056 Electric meter reading
  • French standards (NF) EN 60 529 and 62 262 IPK degrees

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