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All industrial enterprises have the same set of functional requirements: the management of material resources, forecasting, purchasing, planning, production, implementation, storage, distribution, and so on.

TRACETEL’s experience in tracking systems and in-car computing enables the company to answer to the demands of industry professionals.

Electronic RFID low frequency 125 kHz

  • Automotive projects (Renault, Gefeo and others)
  • Industrial production units

Electronic RFID high frequency 13.56 MHz

  • Validators of contactless smart cards for transport, such as Navigo (Île-de-France region)
  • Company badges: Metro, Paris Airports, Club Med

Integration of UHF 869 MHz (EPC)

Technology of hands-free car keys. Semi-active low frequency reactivation badge (two year battery life expectancy.) Reference: Saunier Duval

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