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The car industry

On-board diagnostic systems

TRACETEL has developed on-board diagnostic systems for RENAULT. These systems have contributed to efficiency gains, especially in fleet management, thanks to the immediate awareness of any On-Board Diagnostic data of the vehicle available on the ADC network.

Other products have been developed to serve the motor vehicle, such as:

The Certification System

Competition engines have been certified by equipping them with low frequency electronic tags, to stand up to environmental constraints such as impact, vibrations, temperature etc. Any attempt to dismantle the engine will destroy these tags.

Credentials :

1 Renault 2 ORECA Magny-Cours (motor racing circuit), The Megane Cup (motor racing competition) 3 ACO Automobile Club de l’Ouest, 24 Hours of Le Mans (sports car race)

Electric vehicles

TRACETEL is developing these systems in order to take account of the new electric vehicles.

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