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A small to medium-sized enterprise (SME)

Historically, Tracetel was founded as an SME, whose activities encompassed innovative development, radio-frequency tracking systems and in-car computing. Since 2005, the company has evolved in the integrating field, and Tracetel now provides complete solutions for street fittings in the new personal-transportation sector (self-service vehicles and charging systems for electric vehicles.)

Tailor-made solutions for your projects

Our solutions, developed in France, allow us to meet personalised requirements swiftly, in restrictive environments. Our commitment to accompany our customers means that the solutions we offer can be maintained in good working condition over long periods (10 years.)


The" WHOOP" in "Largo Winch"

The Whoop was chosen by Gus Fenimore to be the secret vehicle used by Largo Winch to travel around Paris. Thus, it was to be seen in the car (...)

the Whoop at the International Geneva Motor Show 2011.

Tracetel will present the Whoop at the International Geneva Motor Show, in March 2011.

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